family run farming

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For over 50 years, Apple Acres has been growing, packing, and shipping apples in New York. Located in the "Apple Valley" of central New York, we grow a range of varieties to satisfy our consumer's preferences. Because of our unique, long standing relationship with growers in other New York apple producing regions, we are able to offer our customers a consistent supply of popular varieties. Here at Apple Acres, we are committed to supplying apples year round in the desired variety, quality, and package, as well as consistently meeting the standards of our food safety commitment.


The orchard operations are run by Walt Blackler, the original founder. Walt works closely with all of the orchards that supply Apple Acres to ensure the varieties, size and quality of our fruit. His daughter, Catie Blackler,  runs marketing and sales, and her husband, Derek Raymond, oversees packing and inventory, as well as operations at the packing house. At the end of the day, family is the heart and soul of the orchard, and our close knit team is what keeps everything at Apple Acres flowing smoothly.